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BEC Lecithin

                                          BEC Lecithin 1200mg 100capsules

Product Description
Lecithin (NPN: 80018733) 100capsules/bottle 1200mg 1~2capsules/day Cardiovascular guard Lecithin is the principal component of the human body’s cells. It is also the primary product of all living organisms and plays a significant role in normal cell metabolism and life processes. It is regarded as the "guardian of cells". Having enough lecithin means having a better immune system, metabolism and general vitality. It is a significant contributor to health and long life. Lecithin is already largely used in the prevention of tumor, heart, liver diseases among others. BEC lecithin is manufactured with refined soya.
It is suitable for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weakness of the liver. It is also appropriate for obese people and people who suffer from constipation and acne-prone skin. It is also appropriate for the brain-used persons, the chronically drowsy patients with colds, diabetes and nervous problem.
Principal effects Monograph of Health Canada: Helps to support liver function Lowers blood fat, blood pressure and cholesterol: Can prevent cardiovascular diseases; Prevents or cures the diseases of the liver due to emulsion; Prevents senile dementia and benefits the brain; Reinforces the brain’s development in embryos and infants. Indeed, the office of American food and drug management (FDA) has deemed it necessary to add lecithin to infant powder. Lecithin is termed "oral cosmetic". It can remove secretion and improve skin quality. Regulates blood sugar and prevents diabetes. Decreases depression, insanity and insomnia caused by stress.
BEC Lecithin: Content: 100 capsules per bottle. 200 capsules per bottle. Use suggested: Take 1 or 2 capsules per day. Ingredients per capsule: Each capsule contains 1200 mg Lecithin. Other ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin and water.


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