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Canadaprod - Canadian Ginseng

                        Canada Ginseng                                               Canada Ginseng Chunky Root-3(s)-114g                       

American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, Panacis quinquefolis) is a herbaceous perennial plant in the ivy family, commonly used as Chinese or herbal medicine. An extract is sold as Cold-fX. It is native to eastern North America, though it is also cultivated in places such as China.

There is little evidence to support that American ginseng is effective against the common cold. All trials evaluating the efficacy were funded by the manufacturer and there has been poor data reporting. Health Canada's Natural Health Product Directorate states that it claims to "help reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system".

The plant's forked root and leaves were traditionally used for medicinal purposes by Native Americans. Since the 18th century, the roots have been collected by "sang hunters" and sold to Chinese or Hong Kong traders, who often pay very high prices for particularly old wild roots.It is also known by its Chinese name huaqishen ( traditional Chinese:  literally: "Flower Flag ginseng") or xiyangshen (traditional Chinese literally: "west ocean ginseng").


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