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Canadaprod - Canadian Deep Sea Fish Oil


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There are several possible health benefits of deep sea fish oil. Cardiovascular disease and its related complications like high cholesterol and high blood pressure may be alleviated by a proper balance of fatty acids. Studies have also suggested anti-cancer attributes. As fish oils promote brain function, there has been evidence that the product lessens the symptoms of depression, Parkinson’s disease, and even the incurable Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite the fact that fish are one of the best sources of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), two types of fatty acids, fish do not produce omega-3s. Instead, they can accumulate the oils through their diet. These oils can come from various types of algae many shallow-water fish live off of.

Deep sea fish tend to be larger, predatory fish that eat smaller, algae-eating fish. It is for this reason that some people believe fish from deeper waters contain the most powerful oils. This fact also suggests, however, that deep sea fish are more likely to contain a buildup of toxins. Over time, these toxins could make a consumer of the fish oil sick. Some people point out that the most naturally oily fish are herring, sardines and anchovies, which are generally found in shallow waters.

Another reason the use of deep sea fish oil is often questioned is that, on average, fish from the depths of the ocean tend to have much longer life spans than shallow-water fish do. Environmentalists note that using fish with a slower reproduction rate is more harmful to the ocean’s ecosystem. Fish that live in shallow waters, on the other hand, are more abundant. Many accuse manufacturers of simply marketing deep sea fish oils as a more effective option simply to drive up the price.

Deep sea fish oil may quickly improve one's mood and, over time, prevent several types of ailments. Fish oils can have various adverse effects, especially for those with allergies to fish. If fish oils become oxidized, they may become rancid and should not be consumed. Before introducing any supplement into the diet, one may want to consult a doctor.


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